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     The Rroma Social-Cultural Foundation "Ion Cioaba" offers to the interested persons the possibility to collaborate in the production of documentary and artistic films.

     The Rroma Social-Cultural Foundation "Ion Cioaba" is in search of partners for the production of an artistic film regarding the Holocaust of the Rroma in Romania.

     The Rroma Social-Cultural Foundation "Ion Cioaba" is in search of partners to finance a project regarding a Rromano folklore collection.

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The mission of the Social Cultural Foundation of Rroma ”Ion Cioaba” is the promotion of RROMA cultural identity in the entire world.
The knowledge of one’s nation culture represents the key of peace, harmony and understanding between all countries in the world.





  • Empowering Rroma ad recognition of their international ethnicity.

  • Capturing Rroma cultural traditions and putting them into a global circulation such as Internet; recovery of the spiritual, cultural and traditional ethnic Rroma values from anonimity.

  • Identifying the cultural heritage specific to all Rroma and creating a database through fieldwork and archive research, for the development and diversification of the cultural, spiritual and scientific heritage specific to citizens living in multi-cultural societies.

  • Creating and publishing books, textbooks, pamphlets, calendars, and recordings in Rromani, that will be translated into Romanian, German, English, for the purpose of dissemination, and made available to governmental and non-governmental institutions and foundations.

  • Creating a socio-cultural and professional centre for training young generations of Rroma, and promoting their talents.

  • Creating an ethnographic museum, documenting Rroma history, language and socio-ethnography.

  • Creating a Rroma theatre for the promotion of cultural and spiritual values.

  • Initiating inter-cultural collaborations within Romania and abroad.

  • Creating an ethnic Rromani school for the preservation of traditional crafts.
    organizing festivals, competitions, artistic events for the purpose of research and disseminate Rroma’s history.